Esterillos Costa Rica

  • 3 years ago

Esterillos Costa Rica, a sleepy little town right on the beach between Jaco and Quepos. There are actually three towns in Esterillos: Esterillos Este (East), Esterillos Centro (Central), and, yes you guessed it, Esterillos Oeste (West)! Esterillos Oeste is the largest of the three, with several restaurants, a couple of hotels, and plenty of activities to keepB you excited. There are two ways into town, with a couple of gated communities on each road located in walking distance to the beach, surfing, fishing, and just plain old relaxing under a palm tree


Many of the owners are Americans and Canadians, as well as a large number of Europeans. In fact, one section of town has so many Canadians that it is called Canada Hill, with many large and beautiful homes designed with views of the Pacific Ocean. Esterillos Oeste is a perfect place for someone who is looking for an American style home close to the beach, while not having to worry about the language barrier due to how many foreigners live full time in town.

Developments and Housing

All of the developments inside the town are fully developed and homes built, with a few for sale. Everything is within walking distance to one of the most spectacular beaches in the country. Just on the other side of the highway, there are two developments that are rapidly filling up. Villas Xihu is right across the highway from the entrance to Esterillos Oeste, and still has ocean view lots with power and light ready for building. There are already about 40 homes in the development, but the jewel of the area is Costa Esterillos, also across the highway, but with 24-hour security, a gated entrance, all underground utilities, and beautiful paver stone roads throughout. With plenty of ocean view lots remaining, there are already about 25 houses built, and more under construction. Lot prices here range from 30K to 60K for lot sizes around 2000-2500 square meters.

Esterillos Centro

Esterillos Centro is a very small community, but this is where folks from the neighbouring Esterillos towns go for horseback riding, having family fly in and stay at a nice hotel that isn’t too close but not too far, and also some small homes right on the beach.

Esterillos Este

Esterillos Este is very cool in that it is built up along a small landing strip for local planes, with a majority of the homes built right on the beach! There is a nice beachfront hotel for friends and family to stay in during their visits. Esterillos Este also boasts an art colony that produces some excellent pieces, produced by artists coming from all over the world on various retreats throughout the year!

Much to Offer

All three Esterillos towns have plenty to offer with restaurants and grocery stores, small shops, nice hotels, and friendly people. For big shopping trips, the thriving town of Jaco is less than 20 minutes away, and the Manuel Antonio National Park is only 40 minutes away along with the town of Quepos. With full developments that have recovered from the recession, along with many foreigners who have already made the full time move down here, Esterillos is a great community to consider for folks who would like an American style home at a Costa Rican price, close to the beach, with plenty of other folks around to help ease the transition!

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