Esterillos Costa Rica

  • 3 years ago

Esterillos Costa Rica is beach town is divided into 3 sections: Esterillos-Centro, Esterillos-Oeste and Esterillos-Este stretching along the central pacific coast. Esterillos-Oeste is the most popular location due to its quit beaches. The beach has dark sand and blue waters with constant waves making it a perfect spot for surfing. The beaches are also very clean and offer spectacular sunsets. Another interesting feature of this beach is the famous Mermaid statue. At the north end of the beach you will see her looking out over the ocean. Only during low tide can you walk up to the statue to take a closer look.

The whole of Esterillos is very popular with expats due to its lovely beaches and luxury homes. The town has loads of restaurants, shops and touristic activities such as horseback riding, birdwatching tours, ATV tours, hiking and surfing. There is an annual surfing contest at Esterillos Beach. The town is not super touristic so the people that come here generally enjoy the peace and quietness that this town has to offer.

But if you visit Esterillos and want a big night out, no worries! It is conveniently located just 20 minutes south of Jaco. A thriving beach town with all the amenities of a big city such as cinemas, bars, restaurants and a shopping mall. This town is also known for great surfing.

And for all the nature lovers this location also has a lot to offer. For example the Tortuga-Vida-Turtle Reserve (in Esterillos Oeste) where they rescue and release turtles. And the best thing, they are always looking for volunteers! If you drive further south (approximately 40 min.) you will reach Quepos, which is famous for its new marina. Here it is possible to enjoy sportfishing, diving, yachting and much more. Next to Quepos is Manuel Antonio which is possibly the most famous national park of Costa Rica. This is the ultimate spot for nature lovers, bird watchers and outdoor people in general. The white sandy beach is also worth a visit and there is options to go parasailing above the beautiful scenery of Manuel Antonio.

Because Esterillos is located approximately 1,5-2 hours away from San Jose there is also a lot of local families who visit this region which offers a really nice mix with the ever-expanding expat community. But because the town is not a major tourist hotspot it maintains its nice and quit beaches. With just a short ride to Jaco or Quepos, Esterillos offers you the best of both worlds.

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