Explaining Local MLS Broker Marketplaces to Clients

  • 12 months ago

As a Real Estate Professional, you must help your clients understand the workings of the local MLS broker marketplace and its benefits to buyers and sellers. Though it may not be the most exciting topic, knowing how these marketplaces function can lead to a successful home sale and informed decision-making for all parties involved. The local MLS broker marketplace data, including broker websites and popular online home search portals, is visible throughout the buying and selling process. Let’s explore what this means in more detail.


Defining the Local Broker Marketplace: The terms “MLS,” “multiple listing service,” and “local broker marketplace” are essentially interchangeable. Each local marketplace is specific to a region and managed by local brokers. It is a centralized repository for verified, up-to-date home listings in the area. REALTORS® play a crucial role in these marketplaces, ensuring homebuyers and sellers have equal access and opportunities. In essence, the local broker marketplace provides a custom collection of data, enabling buyers and sellers to understand their market landscape and make well-informed decisions with the guidance of real estate professionals.


Key Features and Importance: Let’s break down the key features and explain why local broker marketplaces matter:
  • Transparent Access: Local broker marketplaces offer transparent, equitable, and instant access to all home listings, giving buyers a wide range of options.

  • Accurate Information: They provide the most accurate, up-to-date, and verifiable data on active listings and past sales, ensuring reliable information for decision-making.

  • Consumer Choice: These marketplaces maximize consumer choice, providing various options for brokers to work with, considering different compensation models, expertise, and customer service.

  • Professional Representation: Sellers and buyers benefit from professional representation throughout the complex home sales process, making transactions smoother and more secure.

  • Competitive Pricing: The marketplaces foster competitive pricing and market competition for businesses of all sizes, leading to fair market conditions.

Explaining the Benefits: Now that we’ve defined the local broker marketplace and its value, let’s discuss the benefits it offers to consumers:
  • Increased Success: More exposure to listings and housing opportunities boosts success rates for buyers and sellers. Buyers get access to a wide range of housing options, while sellers attract more potential buyers to their listings.

  • Higher Earning Potential: On average, homes listed on local broker marketplaces sold for 14.8% more than off-market properties between 2019 and 2022, resulting in a significant difference in seller earnings.

  • Centralized Process: Local broker marketplaces provide a centralized platform for buying and selling homes, with 86% of sellers listing their properties on these platforms, making them the primary source for marketing homes.

  • Inclusive and Accessible: These marketplaces create an inclusive and accessible market for buyers, free from discrimination, regardless of the broker they choose to work with or their compensation structure.

  • Consumer Choice: Buyers and sellers can choose from many brokers based on their preferences, expertise, and market-driven prices.

  • Encouraging Competition: With over 500 local broker marketplaces in the United States, competition in the real estate industry is encouraged, benefiting everyone involved.

  • Timely and Accurate Listings: Brokers update the listings daily, ensuring that local broker marketplaces offer the most updated information about available homes for sale.

In summary, local MLS broker marketplaces play a crucial role in the real estate industry, providing transparency, choice, and accurate information for buyers and sellers alike. Understanding these marketplaces empowers your clients to make informed decisions and maximize their opportunities in the market.

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