Manuel Antonio

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Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio is one of the most popular destinations in Costa Rica. The unique integration of beauty, history, wildlife, culture and infrastructure has been integrated into establishing an ideal society of rain forests that travellers and real estate investors internationally recognize. Manuel Antonio is one of the best places in Costa Rica for visitors who want to observe exotic wildlife animals in a narrow and personal environment while having quick access to several beautiful beaches. Manuel Antonio Park is next to the town with its unique blend of rain forests and white-sand beaches for those who love being with nature.

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Manuel Antonio Beach Costa Rica

Known for its exotic wildlife and secluded beaches, Manuel Antonio is an excellent international destination for travellers, retirees, ex-pats and investors. Forbes Magazine recently selected the area as one of the best places to visit. Manuel Antonio’s real estate thrives with continued international recognition and improved transportation. Conveniently located just two hours from Juan Santamaria International Airport, Manuel Antonio also enjoys the convenience of a local airport that connects diverse cities like San Jose in just half an hour by plane. The Manuel Antonio community has a unique international style blended with local culture that offers various types and flavours of amenities, including hotels, beds and breakfasts, restaurants and shops.

Things to do in Manuel Antonio

●    Explore Beaches

The park’s two main beaches, Espadilla Sur Beach and Manuel Antonio Beach, are approximately a thirty-minute trek from the main entrance. Playa Manuel Antonio is most renowned for its magnificent views, but if you want to avoid the crowds, head a little farther down the main route to Playa Espadilla Sur. The beaches of Manuel Antonio are strikingly beautiful, with stunning, vibrantly coloured sunsets. In addition, the golden sand beaches of the coastal park are well-known for resting, swimming, snorkelling, just relaxing.

Because of environmental constraints, the hotels in the Manuel Antonio region are not located on the beach but instead on a cliff with spectacular views. Visitors can take the hotel shuttle or the public shuttle to the public beaches and the Manuel Antonio National Park entrance.

●    Hiking Trails

You will encounter lots of wildlife throughout your stay in the Manuel Antonio region, but trekking the paths within Manuel Antonio National Park will undoubtedly get you up close and personal with many of the more timid rainforest animals. You’ll also get to see the jungle from a unique vantage point.

This route is suitable for people of all ages. However, to avoid crowds and view more wildlife, our experts recommend visiting the park with a professional naturalist guide and hitting the trails early! Punta Catedral, a lovely circular path with intermediate difficulty and steep inclines, is another somewhat more challenging trail for the brave. The route may be reached from both Manuel Antonio and Espadilla Sur beaches.

●    Surfing in Espadilla Beach

Espadilla Beach is Manuel Antonio’s major beach and an excellent place to learn to surf. Surf lessons may be pre-arranged, or you can rent surfboards and sign up for sessions directly on the beach at Manuel Antonio. At high tide, the southern part of the beach is appropriate for starting surfers, but the northern end of the beach might get larger waves.

●    Parasailing, Rafting, Sportfishing, diving, etc

Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio Monkey Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio National Park is situated on the Pacific coast, south of Quepos, about thirty miles from San José. The journey is a lovely three hours, while the flight is a quick 20-minutes. Manuel Antonio National Park was established in 1972. It is the smallest of the 20 national parks set aside by the federal government for absolute protection, with 1,700 acres of land and 135,906 acres of the marine reserve. Despite being the smallest, it is the most visited conservation area in the country. On Mondays, the park is closed.

North Espadilla Beach, South Espadilla Beach, Manuel Antonio Beach, Puerto Escondido Beach, and Playitas Beach are tiny beaches and bays surrounded by lush rainforests in Manuel Antonio National Park. These beaches are suitable for swimming and are excellent for diving, discovering coral reefs, and surfing.

The vast white sand beaches that finish at the high tide line, which also marks the beginning of an evergreen forest, are one of the reasons the region is so famous. As a result, the fauna is diverse, with 109 species of animals and 184 bird species inhabiting the primary and secondary forests, as well as mangrove swamps and lagoons. The native habitat of species such as the howler monkey, the endangered squirrel monkey (endemic to the site), the white-faced capuchin monkey, raccoons, three and two-toed sloths, brown pelicans, black-collared hawks, and green kingfishers are found in the region. In addition, wildlife that relies on the 44.5 acres of mangrove swamp adds to the area’s diversity.

Though most of the park is on the mainland, it also contains 12 tiny islands off the shore. Many dolphins live in the seas, and migratory whales may be viewed from the beach or on boat trips at various periods.

Real Estate in Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio house for sale pool ocean view

Manuel Antonios’ real estate market is one of the most attractive markets in Central America, with small but diverse investment opportunities. The supply and demand dynamics in Manuel Antonio have generated some of the safest and most stable investments in Latin America. Many properties give homeowners both personal use and good rental income and appreciation.
Conveniently located just two hours from Juan Santamaria International Airport, Manuel Antonio enjoys the convenience of a local airport that connects various coastal cities. For example, in San Jose in just half an hour by plane. The Manuel Antonio community has a unique international style with a blend of local culture that offers a spectrum of flavours for amenities, including hotels, beds and breakfasts, restaurants and shops. Manuel Antonio properties include luxury homes, villas, apartments, hotels and land in exotic environments with beautiful views.
Manuel Antonio offers a great opportunity for investors looking for a home with spectacular ocean views, a property with a picture of the sea, a luxury rental property or a villa. We at Exclusive Homes Costa Rica are dedicated to offers the best properties for our clients in Manuel Antonio. Therefore, please feel free to contact us for any information regarding real estate in Manuel Antonio.

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