Our Newest Team Member

  • 3 years ago

We are very happy to announce a new team member to Exclusive Homes Costa Rica. We are proud to have Jason Mueller as our newest agent. Jason is very excited to be part of the Exclusive Homes Cost Rica team and also looking forward to working with all the agents in Costa Rica to help get properties sold.

His main objective will be to satisfy his clients which means offering them all the options available on the market. Jason will always be glad to offer his clients other agents listings. The way we see it is that a sold property means we have a happy buyer, seller, and agents. Jason and the Exclusive team understand that happy clients multiply for everyone.

Jason comes from a construction background growing up with the family construction business in Canada. He is an entrepreneur and current partial owner of Jaco Adventure Park. He specializes in social media marketing, digital marketing, relationship marketing, and Google ads. He prides himself on his honesty and hard work ethic.

As you may know, we have rebranded from Coldwell Banker Manuel Antonio to Exclusive Homes CR. Jason will be playing a big roll in rebranding the company online and offline.

Jason will be helping work on the website to make sure that our users have the best experience possible. You are going to see some big changes to our online presence and Jason will be the man behind much of this motion.

About Jason

Jason moved to Costa Rica 6 years ago and started Jaco Ropes course and zip line. He currently doesn’t run any of the day to day operations but enjoys being an owner of a great business in Costa Rica. He has learned a lot from his business experiences in Costa Rica and is happy to share the knowledge with his clients.

Jason has his pilots license and loves outdoor activities such as surfing, biking, exploring, drone shooting, hiking, fishing, kayaking and relaxing. He enjoys a natural and healthy lifestyle for the most part. Jason has been involved in eco projects and ecovillages in Costa Rica.

Jason is getting married very soon and you will be sure to meet his beautiful lady Rebeca. She is a local (tica) and will be helping Jason in the field.

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