Lovely Wooden Cabin Located on 2 Acres of Rainforest in Cañaza near Puerto

Osa Peninsula
1 Bed | 1 Bath | 1.90 acres of land
$190,000 REF: 0833
Property Type
Lot Size
1.90 acres
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Property Type
Lot Size
1.90 acres
Location: Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
Puerto Jimenez (Cañaza, Puntarenas, CR - 60702)

The Osa Peninsula holds over half of Costa Rica’s species and is considered one of the world’s most enchanting natural areas.
Located within, Corcovado National Park is famous around the globe for its beauty and biodiversity – in fact National Geographic
has claimed that the park is "the most biologically intense place on Earth in terms of biodiversity".

It is a very attractive area to settle for people who love nature and the mystery of a primeval jungle… but also the perfect location
to open a business which leverages the unique natural assets of this area: a lodge, cabins, or a small hotel built to exist in harmony
with nature would present a perfect getaway for relaxation, unwinding, and getting in touch with Mother Earth away from
the typical high energy tourist hustle and bustle.

The property is located approximately two hours’ drive from Bahia Ballena, Uvita, and Ojochal, and approximately 15 min. from Puerto Jimenez.

It sits on a very special road, within the top-rated neighborhood in the area.

The access road ends on the Corcovado National Park border, about 3 km from the property.
The property, nearly 2 acres in size, is completely enveloped by a lush primary forest.

Numerous mighty, ancient and precious trees create a magical and serene feeling. Several trails, cut by the owner, criss-cross the lot.

A road leads from the gate to the house, with parking provided near the gate - the owner,
wanting to preserve the natural lushness and beauty, insisted on keeping the carpark near the edge of the property.

The house is located in the village of Cañaza. Only 10 minutes from the highway, you find yourself in a different world where
nature is seething from every corner of the jungle - countless tropical animals, birds, amphibians and lush vegetation everywhere you look.

Monkeys, macaws, colourful tropical birds and beautiful butterflies, dazzling frogs as well as a never-ending variety of tropical flowers
and plants are your everyday neighbours. Tapirs, jaguars, harpy eagles, sloths and anteaters may drop in for a visit as well!

The sound of the burbling river, located on the property, completes the wholeness of this magical place.

The house is approximately 50 meters away from the gate, placed along a wide, well-maintained path that can easily be converted to a driveway.

It sits in a picturesque part of the property, surrounded by breathtaking trees and practically drowning in greenery.
It is built entirely of teak, pine and bamboo.

Mounted on high columns, the house is separated from ground moisture and jungle critters which the property contains
in innumerable quantities (the birds and butterflies are not affected by this!).

The empty ground level, below the elevated house, can easily be turned into another living area, storage, workshop, gym,
BBQ area, creative studio or a patio.The house, which is in good condition, features two stories.

On the first floor, an open concept design encompasses a spacious living room, a fully equipped large kitchen, and a bathroom.

Along the entire length, protected only by a screen, panoramic windows allow you to observe, as well as integrate with, the permeating nature.

The open design also floods the area with natural light. Wide stairs lead to the second floor which is entirely dedicated to bedroom.
The bedroom windows create a unique atmosphere not only for the bedroom, but also of the whole house.

Property is very well maintained. The owner works with a caretaker who knows the property and lives very close, just up the road.
But this is not the end of what this special property has to offer! A short walk through the jungle leads us to a flat area where you
can build a few cabins…or a yoga platform, big patio, creative studio, gazebo, jungle jacuzzi, swimming pool, party area/dance floor…

you are limited only by your imagination (and business plan)! This area may have a separate entrance straight from the road
– offering privacy and security.

Due to its location, uniqueness, atmosphere, privacy, potential for further development, and total integration with nature,
the property presents great short or long term rental business options as well as the potential to develop a detached business
with the privacy of separate road access.

The property already is a successful rental business.
The property has ASADA water, electricity, internet and does not require a 4x4 to reach it.

Words do not reflect the attractiveness and atmosphere of this place.

The property is ready to show anytime and will not be on market very long.

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Property Type
Land Size
1.90 acres

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