2-Bedroom, Brand New Modern House in Jungle Community on Calle Tucan

2 Bed | 1 Bath | 1.25 acres of land
$449,000 REF: 0832
Property Type
Lot Size
1.25 acres
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Property Type
Lot Size
1.25 acres
Location: Ojochal, Costa Rica
Today the Costa Rican Real Estate market is slowly shifting from a strong buyers’ market to a sellers’ market, especially within certain price ranges.

Homes or properties that sit in interesting locations (close to beaches, towns or attractions, or hilltop sites with spectacular views),
present a unique design, or benefit from natural surrounding (such as proximity to nature, jungles, or rivers) rarely hit the market,
and when they do - they are frequently gone in days. In fact, the demand for truly exceptional properties is so high that houses under
construction are often sold long before they are completed!

This latest offer, in the picturesque town of Ojochal, is one of those truly exceptional properties.

A highly valued bonus, in our nature-immersed South Pacific area, is that this two-bedroom house is situated in an area easily reachable
from the Coastal Highway AND is accessible without the need for a 4X4.
Calle Papagayo street, and the surrounding neighborhood are almost 100% inhabited by expats.

The popularity of this neighborhood is reflected in the number of houses built on the popular adjacent Tucan and Quetzal streets.
The house is located on a half hectare lot in the center of a small community surrounded by a lush and thriving jungle.

The river flowing through the property creates an oasis of peace, and a tropical atmosphere typical of the Costa Rica you see in
tourism adds will be your new everyday experience – misty mountain views, a living jungle surrounding your house on all sides,
the constant burble of a clear and fresh mountain river, and the sights and sounds of a tropical rainforest – monkeys, macaws, toucans,
beautiful Blue Morpho butterflies, and a myriad of tropical plants and life – are what makes this location truly special and unique.

The house sits on the crest of a hill, the highest point of the property.
A short, gentle driveway leads to the back of the house and a roofed carport that extends to the front door.

The beautiful modern form of the house, with interesting architectural solutions both on the outside and inside,
creates a perfect blend of nature and modernity.Large-sized bedrooms are situated on the opposite sides of the house.

The bedrooms are separated by a big and modern kitchen with branded appliances and plenty of cabinets and storage space.

Both the kitchen and the bedrooms have access to a patio which extends over the entire length of the house and terminates
at a large swimming pool offering jungle and mountain views. Large windows and expansive patio doors flood the house with
plenty of light and create the feeling of increased lightness and spaciousness.

The house has one large bathroom and an adjoining oversized laundry and storage room.
Walls, windows, floors and architectural accents are very well placed in terms of color and class.

While it feels like the property sits on the frontier of an undiscovered wilderness, a brief 5-minute car trip will bring you
to all the amenities and attractions of Ojochal, including shops and supermarkets, numerous pubs, cafes and restaurants
(both local and fancy), a gas station and convenience shop, a highway-side mall with various businesses and services (and dinosaurs!),
and after a further few minutes’ drive you will arrive at beautiful local attractions such as Playa Tortuga, Playa Ventanas, or the Ojochal waterfall.

A bit further but still within a 15-minute trip you will find the larger town of Uvita as well as many other beaches, shops, restaurants
and all types of businesses that are scattered in-town or along the Coastal Highway.

The area around the house is beautiful, peaceful, quiet, nature-immersed and safe.

The price of the house is fixed for a quick sale.

So don't hesitate and contact us for showing or live video conversation tour today!
Property Type
Land Size
1.25 acres

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