Mini-Resort on Food Forest Farm with Waterfalls

8 Bed | 6 Bath | 29062 sq ft of construction | 57.00 acres of land
$988,000 REF: 6003495
Property Type
Farm And Ranch
Lot Size
57.00 acres
Construction Size
29062 sq ft
Open demo
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Property Type
Farm And Ranch
230671 sq m
2700 sq m
Location: Biolley, Costa Rica

Ultra Unique:
- a place where you never need heating or air conditioning.
- where the air and water, from pristine primary rainforests and fresh mountain breezes, are as pure as can be on Earth.
- where there are sweeping views of two mountain ranges and the verdant valley between.
- where food is grown in harmony with nature.
- a retreat apart from the cares of the outside world, a safe haven to enjoy all the pureness that the beautiful rainforest has to offer.

Located in a special remote high-altitude rainforest, this organic farm is juxtaposed against the largest protected rainforest in Central America,
La Amistad International Park - a World Heritage Site extending from Costa Rica into Panama.
The Park embraces a large portion of the primary rainforest of the mighty Talamanca mountain range.
This rainforest is mesmerizing in its pristine, untouched natural beauty.

The 57-acre (23 hectare) property features a working organic permaculture farm, pasture and a natural rainforest area along the adjoining Platanillal River bordering the farm on its northern edge. The river is just one of the very special features of the farm.
With its surrounding pristine jungle and forest canopy, the stretch of river on the property boasts three waterfalls with four large swimming holes in an unparalleled and very private rainforest setting, as if you are in a different world altogether. The river is a great place to hang out and visit year-round.
The untouched river area is left as a natural preserve.

This farm is one of the most environmentally friendly farms in Costa Rica. It produces eight commercial crops: turmeric, bananas, limes, rambutan, ginger, black pepper, graviola leaf, papaya leaf, and hibiscus flower. The working farm plantation area serves a thriving business for both local sales and export (see the website: This property has great versatility, useable land and features that make it a great place to continue this project or start a new one. The many spectacular features of this property solidify its potential as a stellar real estate investment.

The primary living area is a mini-resort featuring the main house with adjoining in-ground swimming pool, and two guest cabins with stunning views of the main waterfall, the mighty Talamanca and pacific costal mountain ranges, and the lush El General valley.

A carport and a workshop/two-car garage are adjacent to the main house.
The main house and cabins are located 1 km in from the main road, assuring your privacy. In addition to the mini-resort, the property boasts a duplex with two 2-bedroom apartments, an adjoining processing center for the farm’s organic crops, a covered corral, two outbuildings for products and farm implements, and 12 solar drying structures.


  • Spectacular sweeping views, two mountain ranges. River with 3 waterfalls, and 4 large swimming holes, all very private.

  • Private, secluded, safe, quiet: main house and cabins 1 kilometer from main road, no traffic noise, dark night skies

  • 15 acres working farm, 31 acres pasture, 10 acres protected wild area adjoining river.

  • In-ground custom concrete swimming pool: 13 x 33 feet, excellent for lap swimming. Italian glass tiles, separate pool pump house.

  • Outdoor covered living area, bar with original tile artwork by nationally acclaimed Costa Rica artist Pancho Quesada.

  • Custom original woodwork throughout, fabricated on farm from tropical hardwood. Wood ceilings in house and cabins.

  • Principal structures of reinforced concrete and concrete block. No steps, everything handicap accessible including bathrooms. Movistar Internet, Claro satellite TV. Mature landscaping.

  • Non-commercial fruit trees: orange, lemon, grapefruit, cherimoya ( custard apple), loquat, star fruit, mango,papaya, avocado, plantain, young cashew,water apple, sour mandarin, mandarin.

  • 100 Black pepper plants. - 180 producing Rambutan trees. - 198 Persian Lime trees. Electric fence around houses prevent cattle in the pasture from entering the garden areas.

  • Property generates money through farming, and has hosted a successful bed and breakfast/writers retreat.

  • 45 minutes to the full service city of San Vito, complete with hospital, major grocery store chain, hardware stores, university, a border crossing to Panama, rapid- response ambulance service.

  • Perfect temperatures all year round, never need either A/C or heating.

  • Great for nature lovers, bird watchers.

  • Pristine air, pure municipal water from source high in Talamanca mountain range. Terracotta tiles, wood fired from Costa Rica, throughout main house, cabins, and patio

  • Turnkey property: all furnishings included.

  • Watchman lives within the surrounding farm along the entrance road to the property. He coordinates the maintenance and upkeep of the buildings and gardens.

Property Type
Farm And Ranch
Land Size
57.00 acres
Internal area
29062 sq ft
Air Conditioning
Cable Satellite Tv
Close To Schools
Close To Shops
Close To Transport
Fully Landscaped
Furnished Fully
Gated Community
Income Producing
Investment Opportunities
Luxury Estate
Luxury Rental
Mountain Properties
Mountain View
Ocean View
Owner Financing
Security Access
Storage Unit
Valley Views
Washer Dryer
Water Views
Waterfall View
Wheelchair Access

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