Cup of Excellence Microlot / Coffee Mill

Naranjo, Sarchi
  • $1,700,000
For Sale
  • Farm and Ranch
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  • 16.2
  • Lot Acres

Property Description

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Location: Naranjo De Alajuela, Costa Rica
Property Size:———– 16.17 Acres / 6.55 Ha / 65,465 sqm
Total Built:———– 14,640.45 sqft / 1,360.63 sqm
Road Condition:———–100 % PAVED
Distance from Province:———–23.67 miles / 38.1 km from Alajuela, Costa Rica
Elevation:———– 4,803.15 – 5,085.3 FEET (1,464-1,550 MASL)

If you as a Coffee Entrepreneur are looking for perfection, you should choose to invest in Specialty Coffees. Specialty Coffee is the closest you’ll ever be to heaven/perfection. You should invest according to your possibilities and risk tolerance. Let’s say your risk Tolerance is high and you like high-profit margins, then choose Volume over Specialty or a mix of both. Choosing Volume means you need large land extensions. But let’s say your risk Tolerance is low but you like perfection then choose Specialty over Volume. For Specialty or Micro Lot Coffees, you don’t need large extensions of land because you’re going to focus on quality and elevations you’ll produce less and sell to more buyers at higher prices.

Let’s say you choose Volume, make sure you have a defined market, or be sure that the coffee business you buy from already has coffee buyers, whether international or local. If the farm already sells the coffee to a local buyer at international market prices, you can always generate a good income.

It is easier to maintain Excellent Cupping Scores with Specialized Coffee Micro Lot Farm than with coffee farms that produce Volume for obvious reasons. With Bulk Coffee it doesn’t mean that you will not have Coffee Lots that reach high cupping scores, on the contrary, you can do a little of both. What I mean is that with Specialized Coffee Micro Lot Farm your focus will be managing micro lots with different Arabica exotic varieties with the aim to win the Cup of Excellence which will validate the quality of your coffee and will open the doors to Specialized Coffee Buyers. The Specialized Coffee market can pay 4 times the price of the NYSE coffee prices. Either way, it is always good to be participating in events such as the Cup of Excellence to validate the quality of your coffees.

Today I bring to your attention a business that has been a winner of the Cup of Excellence in Costa Rica but also remains among the top 16 positions of the Cup of Excellence at the national level in Costa Rica. This Company’s Specialty Coffees are always scoring a cup of 88-92 points with coffees such as Villa Sarchi, Kenya SL, Geisha, and Típica. The processes with which it obtains these scores are Semi-Washed, Washed, Honey, and Natural. This coffee is SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) quality. This Micro Mill Micro Lot Coffee Farm is managed by a 3rd generation coffee grower native from this area. In this area the entire family has remained in the coffee business, this family is always among the top 16 positions of the Costa Rica Cup of Excellence.


Costa Rica is the 15th coffee-producing country in the world, the country has opted for the quality of cultivation and processing. This is reflected in the price paid internationally for Costa Rican coffee.


From the 16.17 Acres / 6.55 Ha / 65,465 sqm:
76% is cultivated with Coffee. Produces 50,000 lbs of Green Coffee of which 20,000 lbs are sold directly in Chile. With a plant density of 6,500 plants per Ha.
4% infrastructure premises.
20% Land that can be used for growing more coffee.

1 Main Ware House: ———– 1,336.51 sqft / 124 sqm
1 Warehouse for Supplies: ———– 148.49 sqft / 13.80 sqm
1 Wet mill premises: ———– 909.22 sqft / 84.50 sqm
Greenhouse #1: ———– 1,221.27 sqft / 113.50 sqm
Greenhouse #2: ———– 4,836.21 sqft / 449.46 sqm
Greenhouse #3: ———– 4,552.45 sqft / 420.30 sqm
Patio Gazebo: ———– 87.26 sqft / 8.11 sqm
Managers Houses: ———– 1,579.04 sqft / 146.75 sqm

Approximatel 1 km of internal trails

Electricity: The grid runs on the farm.

SOILS: Clay-loam soil.

WATER SOURCES: This coffee farm has a public water service.

RAIN PATTERNS: Perfect rain patterns 2,300-2,500 mm/year average.

CLIMATE: The Farm’s location provides the perfect conditions to produce Specialty Coffees: cool temperatures of 59 -77 F (15 – 25 C) average all year round.

ELEVATION: The coffee is grown at an elevation of 4,803.15 – 5,085.3 FEET (1,464-1,550 MASL).

COFFEE VARIETY: The best quality coffee varieties have been chosen for the farm – Villa Sarchi, Kenya SL, Geisha, and Tipica. These coffee varieties exhibit an outstanding cup of quality. Plantation Density is 6,500/Ha. Produces 50,000 lbs of Green Coffee of which 20,000 lbs are sold directly in Chile.

CUPPING SCORE: The Micro Lots Cupping Scores are in the 88-92 range.

This area generates 6 of the best coffees in Costa Rica. They are always listed in the Cup of Excellence Nominees List.


7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”
Matthew 7:7
Ephesians 6:10-18


The economy of the canton of Naranjo is based on agriculture, mainly coffee cultivation. Agricultural and industrial activities are carried out. The inhabitants are also dedicated to other businesses, financial activities, sales of services, crafts, and textile activities. There are also tourist sites and recreational activities, where tilapia and trout fishing stand out. This region in Alajuela ranks first nationwide in national coffee production and produces some of the best Quality Coffees in the country.

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– Water Supply
– Power Supply
– Internet/Wi-Fi
– Cell Phone Coverage

Property Details

  • Property ID EHC-1651
  • Price $1,700,000
  • Land Area 16.2 Acres
  • Property Status For Sale
  • Property Type Farm and Ranch

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