Discover the Exclusive Finca Pozo Azul in Southern Costa Rica

  • $6,950,000
Escaleras, Dominical

Discover the Exclusive Finca Pozo Azul in Southern Costa Rica

Escaleras, Dominical
  • $6,950,000
For Sale
  • Lot/Land
  • Property Type
  • 265
  • Lot Acres

Property Description

Are you searching for a prime location to invest in Southern Costa Rica? Look no further than Finca Pozo Azul, a remarkable 266-acre property situated in the Escaleras region. With its awe-inspiring views of the ocean, white-water coastlines, and the Poza Azul waterfall, this breathtaking property presents an exceptional investment opportunity for entrepreneurs and real estate buyers alike.

In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at Finca Pozo Azul, exploring its unique features, impressive array of investment opportunities, and coveted location. Keep reading to discover why this exceptional property is a must-see.

This 266-acre property represents an exceptional opportunity for development. Its prime location provides breathtaking ocean views and magnificent white-water coastline vistas. A convenient 10-minute walk leads to Dominicalito Beach, granting effortless access to the stunning shoreline. Notably, the property’s edge is adorned by the renowned and popular swimming hole, Poza Azul waterfall, adding a touch of natural marvel.

The opportunities for extensive development are limitless.

• Location: Ideally located in the Escaleras area, the property boasts a highly sought-after location, rendering it an appealing investment opportunity.

• Beach Proximity: The property boasts a convenient location, just a short 10-minute walk away from the beach. This ensures easy access for both residents and visitors to relish the shoreline.

The Pozo Azul Waterfall, located on the edge of the property, presents a captivating natural attraction that can appeal to both visitors and residents, enhancing the overall appeal of the area.

• Development Potential: The property’s extensive size and strategic location render it highly suitable for a large-scale development endeavor. This includes options such as an all-inclusive resort, a master-planned community, luxury residences, condominiums, and an eco-community featuring a nature reserve with established and productive permaculture-designed areas. The range of development possibilities is vast and plentiful.

• Accessibility: The property enjoys convenient access via two-wheel drive, located just a 3-minute drive from the highway. Moreover, it boasts an extensive 1.8 km of public road frontage on two well-known routes, encompassing 1.2 km along Pozo Azul Road and 600 meters along Pacific Edge Road. This prime location not only facilitates development but also holds great potential to attract

• Internal Roads: Featuring 3 km of meticulously designed and impeccably maintained private roads, the property guarantees seamless mobility within its expansive premises, a critical aspect for the success of development endeavors.

• Existing Structures: The property features pre-existing amenities, such as a small house and a large ranch, which can be leveraged during the development phase or repurposed to enhance future projects.

In addition to its picturesque beauty, the property boasts a wide range of alluring features. Spanning across 5 acres, a vast expanse of mature Guadua Angustifolia bamboo awaits harvest, making it an ideal choice for sustainable and eco-friendly construction materials. Thoughtfully planned permaculture ponds, stocked with tilapia, promote harmonious coexistence with nature and provide a valuable resource for the community.

Moreover, over 10 acres are designated for cultivating a diverse array of tropical fruit trees. These include mature and fruit-bearing varieties such as Mangosteen, Rambutan, Coconut, Guava, Ice Cream Bean, Star Fruit, Mango, Cacoa, Abiu, Purple Caimito, Guanabana, Banana, Plantain, and many others. These flourishing orchards not only enhance the property’s verdant surroundings but also offer a potential revenue source through the sale of tropical fruits. In terms of infrastructure, the property is well-prepared for development, having made substantial investments in 3 kilometers of private roads.

The meticulously planned road infrastructure offers effortless access to different areas of the property, facilitating exploration and maximizing its extensive possibilities. Moreover, the internal road network interconnects 10 prepped development sites, presenting exceptional prospects for construction and development ventures.

Finca Pozo Azul offers breathtaking views, close proximity to the beach, stunning waterfalls, and immense development potential, making it an unparalleled property. This presents a remarkable opportunity for investors and developers aiming to make a significant impact on the Southern Costa Rica Pacific Coast. With its diverse features and strategic location, this property presents a unique and enticing opportunity for various development projects, catering to both nature enthusiasts and those seeking luxurious beachside comfort.

Finca Pozo Azul offers a unique set of features, making it one of the most attractive investment opportunities in Southern Costa Rica. From its prime location to easy access and the stunning natural beauty surrounding it, this property is a gem that should not be missed. Whether you’re a real estate buyer or an entrepreneur, Finca Pozo Azul has everything you need to start making a significant impact in the Southern Costa Rica Pacific Coast region. Contact us today to begin exploring your investment options!

Property Details

  • Property ID EHC-1583
  • Price $6,950,000
  • Land Area 265 Acres
  • Property Status For Sale
  • Property Type Lot/Land

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