Coffee Mill Las Marias

41807 sq ft of construction | 1055.14 acres of land
$20,500,000 REF: 6009926
Property Type
Farm And Ranch
Lot Size
1055.14 acres
Construction Size
41807 sq ft
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Property Type
Farm And Ranch
Lot Size
1055.14 acres
Construction Size
41807 sq ft
Location: Heredia, Costa Rica

Large Coffee Farm Estate with operational Coffee Mill and Luxury Estate size home and incredible amount of infrastructure.

Aside from the agricultural value of this property with operational mill, the property lends itself to mixed use Commercial/Hotel and residential, due to the location within 25 minutes to the international airport Juan Santa Maria and the amazing views!

These farms are located in the heights of the northeast part of the Central Valley offering amazing views of the entire metropolitan areas to include cities of San José, Heredia and Alajuela.

Las Marías is made up of three farms that total 360 net hectares (889 acres) of coffee. The total area of ​​the farms is 427 hectares (1,054 acres).

Their altitude ranges from 1200 meters above sea level to 1700 meters above sea level. These altitudes, the prevalence of volcanic soils as well as the cultivated varieties allow the production of excellent quality coffees, conforming the type known as Strictly Hard Bean.

Both the mill and the farms have the CAFE PRACTICES Certification from Starbucks and we are currently designated by that company as Preferred Customer.

The coffee beans are exclusively sold to Starbucks Nespresso and Peet’s Coffee.

The majority of the Catuaí and Caturra varieties are grown on these farms, however, during the last 6 years significant efforts have been made to introduce new varieties resistant to the main coffee disease known as coffee rust.

The most important rust resistant varieties that have been planted in the last 6 years are Obatá, Paraíso and Victoria 2. These varieties represent a little more than 20 percent of the total planting area.

The farms have concrete houses to house permanent workers as well as coffee pickers (temporary workers).
They also have their respective warehouses as well as receiving stations, which are structures built in concrete where, during the harvesting season, the harvested coffee fruit is deposited daily, prior to shipment to the mill.

The farms have electricity and drinking water supply and have kilometers of paved road frontage.

This is the largest of the farms with fully operational Coffee Mill, a structure of 2,500 square meters of block and metal construction.

This farm also has 12 concrete houses of 120 m2 each, for collectors and permanent workers. The age of these houses is 40 years. This farm also has a Camp for coffee pickers with an area of ​​500 square meters. This camp was built 15 years ago.

There is a building with three warehouses built in block, which has a total area of ​​580 square meters. The age of this building is 40 years.

There is a historic luxury home with gym, ranch and office-warehouse, that total 1153 square meters. Another annex to this house is the heated pool which has a length of 22 meters and a width of 17 meters.

The age of the house is 40 years old and it is in excellent condition as a result of very good maintenance.

Attached to the management house there is a second house built in wood which has also had excellent maintenance. This house has an area of ​​436 square meters. The age of this structure is close to 50 years.

The land area around both homes have impeccable landscaped grounds with some fruit trees, and amazing variety of exotic palms and ornamental plant species.

There is an administration building with an area of 112 square meters that is well constructed and is 50 years old.

This is the second largest farm and it has a 110 m2 warehouse. It also has 7 houses of 120 m2. All these structures were well built 40 years ago.

This is the smallest of the three farms and it has a Warehouse with an office whose construction area is 110 m2 as well as a 110 m2 Coffee Warehouse built in block. It also has 1 house built in a 150 m2 block, as well as a Camp for Coffee Pickers, with size of 240 m2. These were built 30 years ago.

Coffee Mill
As indicated before, this mill is located in Zetillal, the largest of the farms. This location and the short distances between farms allow a rapid transfer of coffee fruits from the plantation to the mill for prompt processing of that fruit.

The mill has a capacity to process 20,000 bushels of coffee per harvest, that is, about 1,000 tons of green coffee (Green Coffee) per harvest.

The particular design of the Benefit allows great efficiency with respect to the use of labor, the use of water as well as electrical energy.

It is built in concrete and metal and its structure is 15 years old.

Incredible opportunity!

Do not hesitate to contact us for more detail and to schedule a site visit.

Property Type
Farm And Ranch
Land Size
1055.14 acres
Internal area
41807 sq ft
Air Conditioning
Alarm System
Bbq Area
Cable Satellite Tv
Development Farm
Gated Community
Investment Opportunities
Storage Unit

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