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We have a widely recognized business for sale offering an astounding 40% return on investment (ROI). Along with a skilled team all the necessary equipment, designed vehicles, and comprehensive training during the handover process. PALMEX is a brand known for its eco-friendly products. In Costa Rica, many people are familiar with our PALMEX thatched roofing and satisfied customers abound.

Our office proudly boasts a PALMEX-covered roof as do several other structures within our compound. From homes to restaurants museums to hotels national park buildings to fruit stands, tour boats to shops. Businesses of all kinds benefit from our product. Once you start noticing it you’ll see PALMEX coverings EVERYWHERE! The impressive figures speak for themselves.

The annual ROI of 40% showcases not only the success of our product but also the dedication of our workforce, efficient management systems, robust infrastructure, and streamlined logistics, in PALMEX COSTA RICA. Would you like to become part of this success story? Wondering what makes us so successful?

PALMEX roofing comes with a 20-year guarantee. Is expected to last for, up to 50 years. It’s not fully recyclable but fire retardant, completely waterproof, and free from any harmful chemicals. It can withstand winds of up to 170 kph (106 mph). The amazing part is that it looks incredibly realistic! You’d have to get up personal with PALMEX before realizing it’s not palm covering. It’s not just beautiful but durable and affordable providing a lasting tropical vibe that requires minimal maintenance.

This exceptional product is proudly manufactured in Canada leveraging established supply lines from Costa Rica. Thanks to the " distributor" agreement no other PALMEX distributor can operate in Costa Rica—meaning you would have the country as your market! The company utilizes state-of-the-art software to design roofing layouts for all kinds of structures including ones. They have computer systems in place for accounting, logistics, and operations management.

The experienced staff members are instrumental in running the company and handling product installations. If you become the owner they’ll be more than willing to continue working under your leadership. You’ll receive training on all aspects of the business operation—ensuring a transition, into your exciting new venture!

Are you the type of professional who’s prepared to make a transition, from zero to one hundred in less than three seconds? This is a chance! An established and thriving company, fully equipped with staff and resources has been handed to you on a silver platter. Are you prepared, for this opportunity?

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  • Property ID EHC-1833
  • Price $399,000
  • Property Status For Sale
  • Property Type Commercial

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