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Uvita Real Estate Lawyers

When looking to buy Uvita real estate the buyer has the right to choose a lawyer to do all the paperwork. We can recommend lawyers in the Uvita area to work with but it is up to the buyer to make an informed decision to decide which lawyer they wish to work with. We will also assist the lawyer to make sure the documents are completed on time.

The lawyers below are in no way endorsed by Exclusive Homes Costa Rica. These are just your options. Feel free to call us for personal recommendations based on your needs.

Uvita Law Firm

Bufete Sánchez y Asociados 

CV Firm Attorneys

Pacific Coast Law Firm

Home Inspectors

It is always recommended that you get a home inspection before buying a home. This is especially important if you are not familiar with the country and the potential problems that can arise. Although it is not customary or mandatory to get a home inspection in Costa Rica as it would be in other countries it is always a good idea.

Some of the major issues that we come across are poor ventilation under the home and inside the home that cause mold issues. Termites can become a major issue in houses that are built with wood. It is recommended to treat wood 2 to 3 times a year. Plumbing and septic are just a few problems; talk to a home inspector to get a fuller scope of all the problems you may run into.

There are several contractors that can get the job done.

Home Inspectors Costa Rica

Costa Rica Home Inspectors

  • Certified Real Estate Inspector #1114. Serving all of Costa Rica
  • Jeff Townsend. Phone 506-8486-8183
  • Email: aaainspectors@yahoo.com

Pura Vida Home Inspections

  • Inspecting since 2002
  • Certified by the Environmental Solutions Association and a member of InterNachi
  • Michael Spaargaren Phone: 506 8478.4767

Isreal Corrales Mora

Uvita Topographers, Land Survey

You should always get a land survey when buying a property in Costa Rica. When dealing with real estate in Uvita the main issue that you will come across is that the property line cuts off a section of the land that you thought was included but is not. For example you show up to a property for sale in Uvita above the Whales Tail that has excellent views of the beach. After getting a survey done the flat area you planned to build on with the best views is not part of the property. An even worse example is that a section of the house could be cut off or a well is not on the land. Real Estate agents can also be dupped by the landowner that lies to them to make the property seem better than it is to try and sell it at a higher value. There is also a possibility that the current owner did not get a land survey done before they bought and they think that the land is something that it is not.  We always ask for a “Plano” when doing real estate in Uvita, normally the owner has one but if not we can get one at the National Registry or Banco Costa Rica in Uvita. However, there is only so much we can see on the plano.

An average cost of a survey is usually around $400.  A lot of 500m2 is around $200 or $300 but a farm that is 20 hectares would be around $2000. Surveyors use an app to determine the price. A flat piece of land will be cheaper than a mountain property. Maritime zone beach properties will be more expensive than a property in the mountains. The zone (town) will also affect the price as well.

  • Isreal Corrales Mora: 506-8430-7533 (cell/Whatsapp) 4702-4022 (office) isrealcorrales2009@hotmail.com
  • Christian Pena: 506-8375-7527
  • Warner Najero: 506-9873-4448

Uvita Schools

A huge draw to buying real estate in Uvita is the bilingual schools in the area. Not to mention this is the perfect place for a child to grow up. They will be submerged in the great outdoors where many valuable lessons can be learned.

Uvita Christian Academy

Centro Educativo Costa Ballena


Uvita Beach and Playa Colonia

Welcome to the world-renowned Uvita Beach or Playa Ballena as it’s better known as.  If you were to go to the National Park entrance it would be more convenient to see the whale tail. The main entrance is only $6 per person and well worth it. This entrance does not have someone collecting at the entrance but sometimes there are national park workers walking around asking for your receipt. When you’re driving around uvita you will notice signs for The Flutterby House follow the signs to The Flutterby house and continue past it to get to this access, follow the directions here on Google. This takes you about 1 km south of where the whale tail formation is so if you want to see the whale tail you will have to walk just over a kilometer on the beach. When you get to this access to the left or to the South is Playa Colonia to the right or north is uvita Beach This is one of the nicest beaches in the Southern Pacific and even in Costa Rica if you ask some visitors. There is a vast amount of sand to play on this is also a good beach for surfing, catch the surf report here. If you were planning on swimming you should be careful about riptides although this isn’t considered to be a very dangerous beach you should always be cautious when swimming in Costa Rica. One of the best parts about this beach is the easy access and the proximity to Uvita. This is a national park so you will have to keep your dogs on a leash although not everybody does. Another great feature of this beach is all the trees lining the shore so you can get some really nice shade and enjoy the cool breezes from the ocean. Uvita Beach (Playa Ballena National Park) is a must-see!

Playa Piñuela

Piñuelas Beach is 9.4 km away from Uvita. The beach is easily accessed from the highway there is no entrance fee to get into the beach. Given the easy access and the fact that the beach is fairly well-known by locals the beach does get fairly full on the weekend however during the weekdays there are usually only a few other people at this beach. The beach is lined with beautiful palm trees providing shade. You may see fisherman at the South End of the beach on the rocks. The beach is Rocky for the most part at high tide but there is a very nice sandy section on the south end of the beach. At low tide the entire beach is sand. If you walk past where you can park to the south you will see a creek which is very nice for swimming although be aware of crocodiles. There is a sign that says do not feed the crocodiles and do not swim. If you stay close to the beach you should be okay do not swim in the marshy/creek area. If you don’t get attacked by a crocodile this will surely if you worth it.

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