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Renowned for architecturally superior properties elevated along the mountain ridge, Dominical is one of the most desirable locations in all of Costa Rica. It overlooks unrivaled and spectacular ocean views while nestled in lush jungle surroundings with easy access to a very chill community of unassuming locals.

Conveniently located just half an hour south of Manual Antonio, it has access to high-end amenities and gorgeous natural beauties. The Dominical real estate market boom results from significantly improved infrastructure and transportation that guides visitors and investors into stunning exotic landscapes.


Dominical is famous for its turquoise green water, breathtaking sunsets, and beaches. The most renowned terrain of Dominical can be found while swimming in the water. You can be at peace with nature and its spectacular beauty away from urban noise and bustle. You can see tall and beautiful palm trees and mangroves surrounded by lush hills that reach the mountains.

The Dominical coast is built by a community of fishermen and farmers. Thus, we can find the daily catch of fish being sold by locals. Dominical Beach is a quiet surfing community that exemplifies Pura Vidabs south coast location, with dirt roads, local vendors, and surfing huts.

The Dominical has long been known to the international surfing community for its excellent waves. In addition, the Dominical has become a mecca for surfers, fishers, and nature lovers.

Things to do in Dominical

  1. Surfing and Kayaking

Playa Dominical is a great place to surf and is not as crowded as the statebs famous surf beaches. Almost every day you will find suitable waves for surfing. There are many other places to navigate, such as Playa Dominicalito. Itbs also a suitable beach for beginners. Learning to surf is an excellent activity on vacation, and Dominical has some great surfing schools as well.

If you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery on the water, consider going out with a kayak or stand-up paddleboard. You can explore the beautiful mangroves and the ocean.

  1. Visit exotic locations

The tropical hills start just a few meters from the beach. You can just walk or drive through this beautiful natural area to see exotic wildlife such as monkeys, toucans, and sloths. In addition to some beautiful private parks near Dominical, you can also visit excellent national parks such as Corcovado, Manuel Antonio, and Monte Chirripo. See the areabs beautiful nature while taking adventurous tours such as rafting, kayaking, ziplines, etc.

Some of the famous attractions of Dominical are:

    1. CaC1o Island

    2. Nauyaca Waterfalls

    3. Hacienda Baru Wildlife Refuge

    4. Diamante Waterfall and Cave, etc.

  1. Relax on the gorgeous beaches

With some of the best beaches, you can enjoy and unwind. The dominical beaches are mostly empty and have a calm vibe to them. You can hop onto the surfing board anytime and enjoy the tides and just lay back and sunbathe.

  1. Whale Watching and diving

Costa Ballena is named after hundreds of humpback whales that move to the regionbs warm waters each year to raise their children. This is one of the unique whale watching areas globally, so this is a must-see if youbre visiting Costa Rica during the whale season.

Real Estate in Dominical

Dominical real estate in Costa Rica can include seaside apartments, single-family homes, parcels, or settlements. It is also ideal for luxury hotels and resorts because of the rising influx of tourists and travellers. Dominical is also popular among investors and retirees looking for exotic destinations not far from major cities.

Since the inception of tourism, developers and investors have stood with their vision for the future by committing to sustainable development that benefits the natural environment and the local community. As a result, we have many great vacation homes and lots to build and develop.

Today, Dominical has grown into one of the most incredible real estate destinations in the country with great deals, breathtaking panoramic views, and more. So if you are looking for great real estate on the Costa Rican Pacific coast, real estate in the Dominical is a must. But wait, webre not just talking about residential property development. You can also find plenty of business development that has good options for hotels, restaurants, offices, etc.

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